The world of wine is not just glasses and tastings.

Behind it is a system of people and solidarity, of borders overcome and barriers brought down.

For 8,000 years, the vine has spread across the entire earth’s surface without religious, political or cultural boundaries. The human superstructure, however, sometimes makes integration and mixing difficult, transforming a natural process into something limited. We tend to “avoid” everything that is unknown. Wine tasting becomes an opportunity for integration and knowledge to create an exchange of opinions, thoughts and possible new collaborations that break down ignorance and any type of boundary.

Vini Migranti was born as a fair that welcomes winemakers from all over the world. The objective is to broaden the vision of wine worldwide, giving space to small and unique wine-making companies that act as spokespersons for an original, supportive and cultural message.


Where to taste the wines with the possibility of purchasing them


Stories of integration, cooperation, sustainability and culture


Thematic tastings are curated and conducted by industry experts for a 360° immersion in wine and the stories it has to tell.

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