Schedule of guided tastings

The guided tastings will take place in the room on the mezzanine floor of Manifattura Tabacchi, accessible from the main hall. Seats are limited. On the Eventbrite page, reserving a spot by paying a deposit is possible. The balance must be paid at the counter before the start of the tasting. Those who purchase only the tasting are not entitled to access the dedicated walk-around tasting area.


11 AM

“SANDRO SANGIORGI, Marco Polo of wine”

Sandro Sangiorgi, writer, journalist, and wine intellectual, tells us about his “Milione,” composed of places, people, cultures, and wines he encountered in his journey, to be known and explored. It is the narrative of how a place infiltrates into the wine and is represented in all its facets, including the lights and shadows. Sandro, a pioneer of good wine, educates us to cultivate our taste through the soul of the fragrant liquid, the primal fusion of energy and substance.

Featured wines:

The tasting includes two wines.

The first is the Vernaccia di San Gimignano in the demanding interpretation by Alessandro Tofanari, who has selected for us four vintages from the last three decades, aiming to assess their evolution over time.

Just like the four vintages of Carmignano from Terre a Mano, the company of Rossella Bencini Tesi dedicated to biodynamic agriculture and natural winemaking for an innovative product.

2 PM

“IL SUPERVISSUTO, Walter Massa tells the story of the Colli Tortonesi”

with Leonardo Romanelli

Undoubtedly, behind a winemaker, there must also be tenacity, madness, and grand visions if you want to change some rules: Walter Massa has enhanced a native grape like Timorasso (considered ‘minor’ until twenty years ago) and has propelled a relatively unknown area like the Colli Tortonesi into a basin of more or less young producers who are selling bottles worldwide. He has certainly been a pioneer of this grape variety and this region.

4 PM

“The Power of the Volcano Around the World”

with Giampaolo Gravina

The landscape of volcanic wines holds a mysterious charm. It revives the question of originality in the most vital and stimulating sense of the connection with an origin. From Northern Hungary to Lebanon, passing through Etna, Salina, and Santorini, we will try to shed light on sensory similarities and cultural differences of these diverse origins, in the direct testimony of their respective winemakers. And with the assistance of Giampaolo Gravina in reshuffling the cards.

Featured wines:

• Mersel – LebNat Gold 2022

• Barbanacoli – Bianco del Comandante 2021

• Sorelle Zumbo – Bianco Settantadue doc Etna 2018

• Demetervin – Úrágya 57 2016

• Artemis Karamolegos – Pyritis Santorini Mega Cuvee 2021


11 AM


With Federico Staderini

Featured wines:

  Terreno – Bianco del Professore 2020

  Cuna – Cuna 2019

  Sàgona – Sàgona 2021

  Frascole – Chianti Rufina Riserva 2021

 Verramista – Collezione Privata 2018

  Cuna – Sempremai Era Ora Abrostine 2015

A tribute to Professor Federico Staderini, who with great modesty and elegance has always conveyed the wisdom of rural life. He has been the winemaker for the most prestigious companies before becoming a pioneer in a purely rural approach to winemaking in Casentino and other places in Tuscany. Let’s revisit these places together with him.

2 PM

“CLOTILDE LEGRAND, winemaker in Saumur-Champigny”

Featured wines:

• Saumur-Champigny Les Lizières 2021

• Saumur-Champigny Les Terrages 2017

• Saumur-Champigny La Chaintrée 2015

• Saumur-Champigny Les Rogelins 2011

• Saumur-Champigny Les Terrages 2004

In the heart of the well-known and renowned Saumur-Champigny appellation, a young winemaker leads the family estate that has been a pioneer in this part of the Loire since the 17th century, expressing its land through Cabernet Franc for four generations. Let’s taste 5 vintages of this spectacular grape variety.

4 PM

“OSTI-NATE, 6 female hosts tell a wine”

with Sara Boriosi (Venti Vino, Perugia), Valeria Romano (La Valevineria, Falconara, Claudia Alessandra Sarti (Decalè, Pietrasanta), Mihaela Ursu (La Bottega di Parigi, Firenze), Iris Romano (Bicerìn, Milano), Ylenia Esposto (Berberé, Bologna).

Featured wines:

• Il Fiobbo 2021, Az.agr.Aurora

• Insula Maior 2021, Tenuta del Cannavale

• Ermes Nuvola Lambrusco 2021, Cantina Cavaliera

• Otto Ottobre 2020, Ruschi Noceti

• Le Trame 2020, Le Boncie

• Champagne ‘Mineral’ Extra Brut, Legret & Fils

Not only winemakers are needed to understand a territory and a bottle of wine. There is also a need for means to convey these messages in the bottle. Who better than 6 Hostesses who, in different areas of Italy, daily uncork bottles and know producers? They are the true pioneers of taste, who with their experience and passion for knowledge become the bridge between a wine and those who taste it. Following the success of last year, where 5 hosts told a wine in their own way, this year features a guided tasting, all-female, with 6 women working in different taverns across Italy.

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